How Science Benefits 3 Unique Industries

The scientific world has its fingers in the inner workings of many different industries. It might not seem like it, but the foundational work that delivers much of the products that we use as consumers begins with a physics equation or chemical theory.

Science plays an integral role in our lives, whether we know it or not, here are just three examples of a scientific approach that you may not have thought to look for.

1. Vaccinations and Medication


Medication is obviously a scientific pursuit, yet the processes that go into creating a new drug or a vaccine to combat a new strain of viral infection — like the coronavirus perhaps — is labor-intensive and relies on some of the cleverest minds in our world.

Scientists like the ones as Roivant Sciences are constantly on the move, looking for new and innovative solutions to recombinant protein expression, mRNA delivery vectors, and even the fabrication of new physical tools to deliver medication as quickly, safely, and painlessly as possible to patients in need.

Roivant has recently begun investing in discontinued drug trials that were shelved as a result of funding issues, profitability, or other similar bureaucratic ramifications. The drug ownership that Roivant has been buying ranges from diabetes medication to cancer research in scope and promises to deliver potentially lifesaving medication at low cost to millions of patients in the United States.

You might not realize, but the creation of vaccines is somewhat of a miraculous undertaking, and it’s rooted in the scientific method. Over and above the fabrication of medications that fight off infection or other ailments, vaccines require the complete study of a virus or bacteria. Vaccine experts must pull apart a live sample of the bug and figure out what makes it tick on the molecular level. Once this has been done, through trial and error scientists begin to work out how to create a cocktail of proteins that will inoculate our bodies against future infections. It’s the stuff of science fiction that comes to life.

2. Process Server Roles


This one may seem like it comes out of the left-field, but the truth is that learning how to serve papers to someone you can’t find is an art form that relies heavily on the sciences. Process servers use the same scientific method that forms the core of a medical researcher’s responsibility in order to locate individuals and approach them.

A process server is someone who hand delivers a summons to a witness or defendant, and the responsibility is great. A person who is being served by a process server is typically someone who is trying to hide because they know that successful delivery of the summons will compel them to show up to court, whereas without proof of service they can’t reasonably be held to this appearance.

Many times, a defendant being served with a summons is wealthy or smart enough to deny their identity to a process server, so these professionals must rely on GIS services to track down marks and the scientific approach to positively identify individuals in order to complete a job.

3. Fashion and Beauty


The beauty and fashion industry relies on a scientific underpinning as well. Products must be developed and tested within an exacting standard of care and professionalism. This is essential for products that will be applied to the skin or eyes in order to create a stunning new look. One place where the scientific process shines is in the production of the best magnetic lashes on the market.

In addition to the magnets used in the product, a magnetic lash must be safe for use in and around the eye area. Scientists are crucial to this development process in creating a body-safe magnet and fiber material that won’t harm the wearer.

Science is all around us, you simply have to look for it in order to see a more creative and thought-provoking world.

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