How to Prepare Your Home if You’re Ready to Have Children

Pregnancy is an exhilarating time for growing families, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do to prepare for your new baby. From finding the right pediatrician to making birthing plans, you might not even know where to start.

Before the baby comes, it’s essential to prepare your space to create a safe and comfortable environment for both the mom-to-be and the new baby. Whether you’ve just decided to start a family or you’re already trying to conceive, here’s what you should consider before getting pregnant to properly prepare your home for your new baby.

Invest in a smart scale.


While most moms-to-be understand that being overweight can cause problems when conceiving, it’s not widely known that being underweight can also cause problems. In fact, being too thin can make it more difficult to conceive a viable pregnancy. One of the top tips for couples trying to conceive is that underweight and overweight moms-to-be should want to talk to their doctors about how to work toward a healthy body weight before conception.

In most cases, your doctor will recommend weighing yourself regularly. If you don’t have a reliable scale, investing in a smart scale can help you track your health before, during, and after your pregnancy. Many smart scales measure your body mass index (BMI) based on your body composition, so you’ll be able to determine when you’ve reached a healthy weight for your body type. Plus, because smart scales typically back up data to a mobile app, you’ll have instant access to your data, making it easier for your doctor to gain an overall picture of your health during your check-ups.

Revamp your wardrobe.

As soon as you notice the first sign of your baby bump, you’ll probably start wondering when and where to buy maternity clothes. Finding clothes that actually fit you, complement your figure, and feel comfortable can feel impossible. But with the right clothes, you’ll look—and feel—your best as you count down the days until your delivery.

When it comes to buying maternity clothes, a lot of your choices will depend on the season you’re due and how your body changes, but choosing a few comfortable and stylish wardrobe staples is a good place to start. If you’re not sure where to start, be sure to invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans and a pair of black leggings (they’ll be your best friend post-partum). Additionally, consider buying a minimum of three to five maternity T-shirts in colors that match your existing wardrobe.

Beyond the basics, you’ll need some seasonal pieces (think: a comfy poncho for chilly fall days or a lightweight wrap for the summer). Because it’s also important to stay active during pregnancy, be sure to invest in some comfy activewear. When you feel comfortable, you’ll feel better, and it’ll be easier to stay active.

Childproof your home and backyard.


Having a baby at home who can crawl around and open cabinets on their own might seem far away, but it’ll come sooner than you think. Babies become mobile quickly, and it’ll be easier to prepare your home sooner than later. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, cleaning products, including dishwasher pods, laundry detergent, and hand sanitizer, should always be stored out of reach in locked cabinets, along with medication.

In your home, one of the best ways to determine what could be hazardous to your baby is to look around from their point of view. Getting closer to the ground can help you look at the room from their perspective—and you’ll be able to catch safety hazards you might otherwise miss.

After childproofing your home, it’s time to move to the backyard. If you have a pool or you’re thinking about getting a new pool, it’s important to remember that children and swimming pools can be a deadly mix, and you’ll need to be extra vigilant of their children around the pool.

According to the experts at Olympus Pools, it’s important to childproof the entire area and install a four-sided fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate around the pool. Whether you’re interested in a custom swimming pool, outdoor firepit, or at-home spa, working with the new pool builders in Bradenton FL at Olympus Pools can help ensure your backyard area is ready for your new baby.

Set up your nursery.


Before having your baby, you’ll need to figure out where to set up your baby’s nursery. If you’re having trouble choosing between multiple rooms, consider the furniture you’ll be putting in the room and how much space it will take up. It’s also important to consider the proximity between the room and your bedroom.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a spare room to use for a nursery, you’ll need to clear out some space in your master bedroom. When rearranging your bedroom to make space for your nursery setup, be sure to follow safety practices and keep your baby’s crib away from windows, electrical units, and heavy shelves.

Even if you have a dedicated nursery, you should still consider making some space in your master bedroom for your baby’s crib or cradle. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies share a bedroom—but not the same sleeping area—with parents for the first six months for safety reasons.

Make space for your baby throughout your home.

Beyond the nursery and master bedroom, you’ll want to make space for your baby throughout the rest of your home. For example, you’ll want to prepare your living room with playpens, bouncy chairs, and toys. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, you’ll want to invest in a baby tub, toothbrush, and child-friendly shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to keep and what to get rid of in each room, evaluate your hobbies to determine what you’ll have enough time for once your baby comes. Imagine your life after your baby is born—do you see yourself playing tennis, doing pilates, or snowboarding? If not, consider putting these items in storage to free up some extra space.

From childproofing your home to filling your closet with maternity staples, it’s important to take your time preparing your home to ensure a comfortable pregnancy and create a safe environment for your new baby.

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