What To Look For in an Auto Dealer

Buying a new car is a big deal. You rely on your vehicle to get you where you’re going and be a safe ride for you and your family. Because this is such an important purchase, you can’t just go anywhere to make it. The auto dealership you chose needs to be carefully curated and considered before you take your business there. Buying a car is a huge investment, and you can’t just trust anyone to help you make it.

When it comes to car-buying, there are so many different auto dealers out there. From big-name brands to local shops, it can almost feel like a chore to go through them all. But it is important to stay patient and pursue different inquiries before you commit. Spending a lot of time evaluating each brand and dealership will help give you the peace of mind that you are making the best choice to get your car. Even just going on social media and seeing other people’s user experiences at a different shop can speak volumes about that dealership’s trustworthiness and customer service skills. Know what you’re looking for, and don’t settle for less than an exemplary experience. Here are just a few things you should look for when shopping around for an auto dealer.


The best auto shops make gaining your trust their priority. With so many stereotypes about car salesman being tricky or over-charging, trustworthiness may seem like a rare commodity. Business owners of quality dealerships like O’Brians Automotive will treat you with compassion and kindness. They know new customers are making a big decision when it comes to car-buying. These locations work with you and offer great services and extras that will take care of you from the minute you walk into the door. Looking for a place that goes above and beyond and listens to your needs is an absolute must.

Good Deals

Buying a new car is an expensive venture. This is an investment in your future and a vehicle that you will probably have for many years. You don’t want to skimp and get a super cheap option, but you want to look for an auto dealer that can offer you a good price. You can often haggle or be specific about your price range, and the best shops will find exactly what you’re looking for. Just be sure you aren’t getting scammed or charged an obscene amount. Price match and shop around so you have a good idea of what a reasonable price will be.

Financing Options

Many auto shops will actually have financing options available to applicants through their business. This cuts out the middle man and allows you to finance your car at the best rate for you. While it’s good to still consider different financing options to get the best interest rate, this can be a perk for certain dealers.

Easy Communications

If you plan on working with a dealership long-term or think you may be communicating with them regularly, you need to know they have easy communication channels. Some things you should automate, like invoices and email updates, will be a great way to handle the boring stuff easily. Ask what the policies are so you know you can always reach the people you need to.


Many auto dealers out there will offer special perks to draw you into their business. See what each car dealership may offer you. Maybe it is roadside assistance in case of an accident, maybe it’s a free year-long warranty, or maybe it’s free oil changes. If you can get a little something extra out of the transaction, go for it.

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