3 Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Employees

When running a business, you have a lot to consider to make the day-to-day operations of your business run effectively. An efficiently running business is more profitable and will increase loyalty by making life easier for your employees. Additionally, research shows that when employees are happy and feel their time is valued, they are more productive. However, as an owner, you also have a lot of responsibility and cannot afford to spend your time micromanaging.

Here are three ways to increase efficiency and make work a little easier for your employees.

1. Call Center Solutions


Utilizing the Zendesk contact center for your business will enable you to leverage the omnichannel cloud call center solution provided by Bright Patter to provide customers with overall exceptional experience. The Zendesk system provides advanced inbound and outbound capability, reliable service and support, and the capacity for multipurpose call centers.

The more automated and encompassing the system is, the easier it will be for your employees to complete their tasks and provide support to the company’s mission. Attempting to conduct business with methods that do not fulfill all of the company’s call center needs or fulfill them to the level necessary, will cause ongoing frustration for your employees, as well as your customers, which will hurt your business.

2. Utilize an OKR System


You may be wondering, “What is an OKR?” It’s okay if you are unfamiliar with the term, as not all businesses have utilized these systems in the past. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Using OKRs will make it easier for employees across a large company, working on different teams and projects to stay aligned with the strategic priorities of the company and work more effectively.

OKRs provide employees with a common vocabulary and give a platform to verbalize what they want to achieve, focus on measurable outcomes, and be able to learn from their production and work overtime. OKRs effectively provide organization across multiple teams ensuring that each team is aware of the progress and intention of the other teams, so work is not duplicated. No employee wants to feel like their time is wasted on meaningless tasks.

3. Align Employees with Their Strengths


Sometimes in business, the most significant problem is having a variety of really talented people in the wrong positions. It stands to reason that someone with extensive experience and knowledge deserves to be put in a position of leadership. However, if they do not possess the skills or emotional intelligence to connect with and motivate other people, they are not going to be good leaders.

Likewise, someone with relatively little experience in the field may have natural and impressive people skills that allow them to connect and communicate with those around them easily. Instead of focusing solely on resumes, it is essential to focus on what the individual skills are of your employees and where they are most comfortable. Provide training for those employees that show great potential but need more knowledge. Find ways to reward and promote excellent employees without putting them into positions where they are not a good fit. Ensuring that your employees are in the positions, they are best suited for will make everyone’s life easier and will have a positive impact on the company overall.

While not all companies operate with multiple teams or require a call center, even small companies can benefit from making sure they are making the best use of their employees’ skills and abilities. The underlying goal is to streamline work to demonstrate to your employees that you value their time and the energy they put into their jobs.

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