How Manufacturing Companies Keep Products Safe

As consumers, it’s almost too easy to get our hands on new products these days. Whether you’re ordering on Amazon Prime or Etsy, all you have to do is log on to your online account and click a few buttons. Within a few days, that product is on your doorstep. Online ordering has become so ubiquitous that a trend of drunk ordering has been reported on in recent years and might be worth up to $45 billion a year.

Have you ever thought about how those products are manufactured, though? When you order gel polish or acetone online instead of heading to a salon for a manicure, that gel nail polish must be created somewhere. Then, it has to be kept safe until it finds its way from the factory to your doorstep or onto the shelves of your local drugstore. That, in itself, is a huge challenge. So, whether we’re talking about gel nails, nail polish remover, or UV lamps, let’s talk about manufacturers keep their products safe.

Investing in Onsite Security


A factory or warehouse needs to protect itself from all kinds of threats. Manufacturers have to consider some loss due to carelessness or spoilage, but they want to keep their products protected from burglars, fires, and other avoidable threats. After all, manufacturing is a cost-intensive industry. No one wants their products destroyed when an excellent security system, complete with smart dome video cameras and automatic alerts, could nip that loss in the bud.

Let’s say a warehouse is storing roll tubes and vape cartridges. Roll tubes, cones, and everything vape-related is a huge industry these days, so whoever invested in producing those 98mm pre roll tubes or blunt tubes is a smart businessperson. That said, if someone breaks in and leaves with all their roll tubes ad vape cartridges, they’ll be in a bind, to say the least. That’s why smart onsite security is key. Invest in a security system that pairs with your mobile device and lets you monitor your joint tubes or gel nail kits from anywhere in the world.

Hiring the Best Team Members

You can’t put a price on trust. It doesn’t matter if you’re making sunscreen, cotton balls, tin foil, or stylish packaging for a UV lamp. If you can’t rely on your employees, you’ll end up losing money and may even go out of business in the end. Unreliable employees may make careless mistakes that end up ruining your products or even steal the items from your factory or warehouse. This is why manufacturers often find that using hiring websites like ZipRecruiter or Indeed can be the perfect solution for finding the best candidates. After all, a business is only as good as the people it’s made up of.

Partnering with Elite Drivers


Even if manufacturers have kept all the products safe onsite, they still need to find a great way to get those products from point A to point B and keep them fresh on the way. It can be complicated to hire drivers, but partnering with a company that manages drivers as they make their way from Omaha, Nebraska to Asheville, North Carolina, is a great way to enjoy accountability for products without taking on all that extra logistical management. Just like when hiring the best, most trustworthy employees, a driver, and delivery management company is only a great addition to the team if they’ve been properly vetted and interviewed.

Several things go into keeping products safe, whether a manufacturer is producing items in the cannabis industry or nail polish for manicurists. In the end, high standards and common sense provide the best guidance for manufacturers across the United States and the world.

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