Tips for Planning Home Improvements Before Moving In

Deciding to move from your home to a new property can be a choice that keeps you busy. There is typically an endless number of tasks to do before your move. Your first order of business is to select your new apartment, condominium, townhouse, or traditional home. From there, you have to declutter and downsize your old home, pack up your belongings, and hire professional movers or enlist the help of your friends and family members to pack up and move your things.

With a laundry list of tasks to complete ahead of your move, you may not give any thought to having your new home renovated. When preparing to move, it can be beneficial to handle home upgrades before moving into your new home when it’s free of furniture and your family hasn’t settled in yet. Consider pursuing home improvement projects before moving into your new home if you have the time and money to do so. Listed below are tips for planning home improvement renovations before moving.

Allow enough time for project completion before your set move-in date.


The home improvement process will begin after you close the deal on your dream home. Most home buyers use professional real estate agents to guide them through the home buying process. Utilizing local realtors’ services can be effective, as local agents can provide insight into the neighborhood climate and offer detailed information on each available property. Texas home buyers, for example, should consider working with a real estate agent from a top-notch Texas real estate company, like Venterra Realty, which is based in Austin, TX. The Venterra team consists of diverse professionals who put home buyers’ wants and needs first and provide excellent customer experience, as recognized inside the organization by the CEO John Foresi and company chair Andrew Stewart, and outside Venterra by the Freddie Mac Select Sponsor program.

After receiving guidance from an expert real estate team and sealing the deal on your property, create a reasonable timeline for having upgrades completed ahead of your anticipated move-in date. Contact professionals sooner rather than later to get time and price estimates, enabling you to determine if the number and scale of your home improvement projects will be reasonable efforts.

Determine the upgrades your new home needs.

You may already have big ideas for how to renovate your new digs. The key to successfully tackling all your home renovation projects is determining which tasks are necessities, which ones are wants, and completing these jobs in order of importance. Projects you must do are those that have a significant impact on the way your household functions and can be vital to the health, safety, and comfort of your home.

An example of such upgrades is replacing all the locks in your home. Getting new locks can give you peace of mind, as it limits the number of people who have access to your home, preventing the previous homeowner, their partners, family, friends, or anyone who had a key to the house from entering your property. Furthermore, replacing all your exterior locks is crucial because doing so can decrease the chances of a home break-in from strangers who have criminal intentions. Additionally, as old locks likely experienced significant usage that resulted in wear and tear, fresh locks can help you prevent getting locked out of your home or experiencing difficulties locking and unlocking your doors during emergencies.

Another maintenance act to prioritize before moving into your new property is having new flooring installed. The flooring and the carpeting in a home can take on wear and tear, including stubborn stains and lingering pet odors. Loose, broken, or missing hardwood floor tiles can be hazardous if they cause you and other people to trip and fall. For this reason, having the floors redone in your new home ahead of your move can be a good idea. Getting new floors installed before you settle in a property can be advantageous, as a flooring company wouldn’t have to charge you extra regarding the costs of moving your furniture. Don’t just stop at the floors—consider completely remodeling some rooms if you can. Using an online resource like, for example, you can explore home design layouts. Such a blog includes styles modeled after celebrity homes and tips and advice for designing rooms that can inspire renovation ideas.

Enlist the services of the best professionals for home improvement jobs done right.

Repairs, installations, and other home improvement projects that make your home more appealing and functional can bring additional value to your property, so hire only the best professionals to complete renovation projects for you ahead of your move.

For instance, if a kitchen renovation is on your list of projects to complete before moving into your new place, rely on a business consisting of team members who recognize the kitchen’s status as the heart of a home, and who are passionate about and committed to transforming kitchens into attractive, functional spaces. Professional manufacturers and designers, such as those on the Plum Kitchen team, can create a stylish, unique, and functional kitchen that reflects your tastes and enhances your new home’s atmosphere. Homeowners in the United Kingdom can stop by the most outstanding Kitchen Showroom Redditch has to offer—the Plum Kitchen Showroom—for kitchen design inspiration and to discuss renovation requirements with the team.

Protect your valuables and sensitive items in a storage unit.


As you’re moving out of your old property and preparing to settle into your new one, it’s best to hold your items and furniture in a central place where they’ll be safe and out of the way during renovations. Consider keeping your possessions in a storage facility. The best storage unit is a self-storage unit that’s capable of keeping your belongings safe amid extreme temperatures, whether high humidity levels and extreme heat or cold temperatures with lower humidity levels. Climate controlled storage units can be the perfect solution, as they can effectively house sensitive belongings, like musical instruments and wood furniture, amid various environmental conditions. These storage facilities can be superior to standard storage units, as they can safeguard possessions and furniture from fire, theft, water damage, bedbugs, and more.

Obtaining a storage unit can be beneficial whether you need short-term or long-term storage. An online search for storage facilities near you can help you locate local storage spaces for reasonable storage unit costs. Knowing in advance the best storage company to consult can help you make arrangements for storing your furniture and other belongings until it’s time to move into your new and improved home.

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