How To Find the Right Drivers for Your Brand

Trucks are crucial to the economic framework of the United States. The CDL A truck driver who you see on the freeway is making sure that many of the items which you might see at a local grocery store get delivered on time. A company driver for many of these trucking companies often has to deal with such road hazards as inclement weather, and the questionable driving habits of other drivers. They have to brave these conditions to make sure that such items as tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, spring water, mineral water, and other packages make their way to convenience stores and grocery stores across the United States.

There are approximately 3.6 million CDL truck drivers in the United States. In addition to some of the items listed above, these truck drivers usually transport such items as clothing, produce, paper products, building materials, vehicles, and even hazardous substances. For businesses seeking out drivers for their big rigs, it helps to know how to find the best drivers. These drivers will be the representatives of your brand in a way, as they deliver items all across the United States. What we’ll focus on today are ways to find the right drivers for your brand.

Online Searches


There are a variety of online job boards and online web recruiting tools that can be used to find qualified drivers. Let’s say that a commercial water company like Perrier or Nestlé has a strong need for part-time and full-time truck drivers. They need to find potential company drivers who can handle delivering spring water, mineral water, and other bottled beverages across North America. They’ll want to find those truck drivers who will see the perks of working with a company like theirs, including receiving excellent benefits, as well as making an industry-wide competitive full-time working wage.

Either of these water distributing companies can use online technology with tools like the digital marketing services of Hire Fatj, through social media platforms, and even through online message boards. Using each of these internet-based tools can help you to find qualified truck drivers throughout the U.S. Maybe you won’t find your next great truck driver on TikTok, but utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, and even Instagram, can help companies like Perrier, Nestlé, or other companies in the bottled water industry locate company drivers to deliver bottled water in Canada and all across North America. Social media isn’t just for young people or young adults who are showing off the latest TikTok dance craze to build up views. Utilizing the internet can help you to find the right drivers for your brand.

Word of Mouth

Businesses use word of mouth to figure out the best way to move in certain circumstances. Use the example of a vaping company. Their goal is to provide potential customers with the best electronic cigarette offerings to increase their e-cigarette use. An owner of one of these electronic cigarette businesses might find that advertising is a great way to get the word out about e-cigarette use. Checking with these other businesses about trends in vape advertising is a good way to use word of mouth to find ways to improve your business.

Word of mouth can also assist businesses to help find qualified truck drivers. When you speak with other businesses, word-of-mouth suggestions from such sources can help you to find trustworthy, and experienced delivery truck drivers. You are more likely to trust the word of another business owner whom you trust about their suggestions on which CDL truck driver to hire. Look for word-of-mouth suggestions from others in your marketplace so you can find those truck drivers who can best represent your brand, whether you’re selling e-cigarette products or Coca-Cola.

Paying Well


When you have truck drivers delivering spring water, mineral water, and other bottled beverages across North America, you want to make sure they are paid well. This can help you to find qualified drivers for your company. No matter if they are part-time or full-time workers, you need to provide drivers for distribution companies like Perrier or Nestlé with a competitive pay rate. Without providing this, businesses run the risk of not finding the best truck drivers around.

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