The Best Family Car to Buy in 2020

With safety technology changing each year and automakers coming up with new ways to improve their fleet of vehicles, each year brings new models to the table when it comes to shopping for a new car. The market gets particularly competitive when it comes to family cars, as each manufacturer wants a piece of the lucrative business families are responsible for. Whether you’ve just got a newborn or have three middle schoolers, all with different extracurriculars, here are some of the best family cars to buy in 2020.

The Best Car in 2020 for New Parents

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is a great pick for new parents concerned about the safety of their infant. Ever since 2017, the Bolt EV has been performing well when it comes to car seat checks, and the 2020 edition is no different. In fact, for being a compact vehicle, the Chevy Bolt EV has a solid amount of legroom and space, making it a good car for children to grow into as well as offering ample space for rear-facing child car seats.


Another benefit of this car is that it’s electric with an EPA-rated range of 259 miles just on its battery. That’s more than double many competitors of its size and price range. Plus, buying an electric vehicle is better for the environment, ensuring that you’re doing your part and offering your newborn a better world to grow up in.


The Best Car in 2020 for Families that Carpool

If you’re part of a designated carpool, then you understand that space is one of the most important factors in purchasing a family vehicle. Whether it’s because you’re always taking the kids to and from extracurricular activities, or because it’s your turn to drive the neighbors to school on Mondays and Fridays, having enough seats and room for car seats is vital in any vehicle you choose.

When you need space, it’s hard to go wrong by purchasing the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas. Marketed as a family SUV, the Atlas features a third row of seating spacious enough for young and old kids and can seat a total of seven passengers. It also has impressive cargo space and safety features, making it perfect for getting to football practice or a long road trip.

The Best Car in 2020 for a Family of Four

If you and your spouse have only two children, a sedan may be the best option for your everyday needs. Whether it’s running to get groceries or driving the kids to school, the 2020 Toyota Camry is an excellent vehicle to consider. A mid-sized sedan, the Camry hosts dozens of helpful features, including All Wheel Drive, Toyota’s patented SafetySense features such as dynamic cruise control and pre-collision detection, and a spacious interior. With good trunk space, you’ll even be able to take the whole family on vacation in the car and leave some room for souvenirs.


As you can see, different cars cater to different families’ needs in different ways. While some safety features will likely appeal to all drivers with kids in the vehicle, it’s understandable to think that newer parents would have more specific needs in this department than a family with older children. The same can be said for the needs of parents who carpool their children and their children’s friends to different sporting events, social gatherings, and extra-curricular activities.

As a family, it’s important to make a list of which features are most important to you so that you can consider them when shopping. That being said, the three models listed above are a great option, or, at the very least, a solid tool for comparison.

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