Tips for Selling Your Car

Car owners are increasingly turning to online platforms to sell their old cars. Car buyers shop for cars online thanks to the convenience of search tools that filter through car inventories to find a criteria match. Selling your car yourself usually leaves you with more money in your pocket than trading in your car at a car dealership. There is some work involved in selling your car, such as cleaning it, photographing and describing it, handling inquiries, and meeting potential buyers. The time and energy spent selling your car will be returned in the form of an attractive selling price.

1. Depersonalize and thoroughly clean your car.


The best way to sell your car quickly is to depersonalize and clean your car. Remove any personal touches on your car, such as bumper stickers and decorative wheel covers. You want potential buyers to envision themselves in your car, not you. Give your car a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Make the wheels shine, wax the exterior, vacuum the interior, and wipe down all the interior surfaces. You may want to spring for a professional car detailing, depending on the state of your car.

2. Choose your selling platform.


Craigslist is an ideal online platform for older commuter cars that have seen some use. It’s free to list and there are no sales fees. That being said, Craigslist features limited search filters in a narrow geographic search. Listing platforms like, eBay, and Bring-a-Trailer offer higher value cars and more diversified locations.

One of the best places for ex-pats to find used cars for sale in Ghana is via online car auctions. A dealer-only car auction, such as Auto Auction Mall, offers a wide selection of cheap cars in Ghana at wholesale prices. Their inventory features 150,000 cars worldwide including clean and salvage titles, rebuilt, hail and flood damage, and repossessed cars. Once you find the perfect car for your needs, the auto experts will help ship your car to Ghana.

3. Know your car’s value and make necessary fixes.


You need to know your car’s Kelly Blue Book value to list it for an appropriate price. Pricing your car too low will cause you to lose money while pricing it too high can discourage potential buyers. No one wants to purchase a car that needs a lot of repairs unless they can get a steep discount. Give your car all the TLC it needs‚Äîreplace bald tires, make sure the brakes are decent, fix windshield cracks, and replace burned-out lights. Investing a little bit of money into your car’s maintenance can help you get top dollar for it.

4. Take a lot of great photos of your car, including key features.


The best way to make a great first impression on potential car buyers is to post great photos. Pay attention to the environment you photograph your car in. Make sure there are no people or other cars in the photo, and ideally, take photos in a scenic location. Take high-quality photos from different angles, both of the interior and the exterior of the car. Make sure to take a sufficient amount of photos of all aspects of the car and don’t forget to include photos of key selling features.

You probably have digital photos spread out across devices, such as an external hard drive, laptop PC, SD card, iPhone, Google Photos, iCloud, and other cloud services. It’s a good idea to keep the digital photos you take of your car in a dedicated folder on a cloud storage device. Meet IBI is a photo storage device with one terabyte of storage space for photos and videos. You can upload your digital photos from your hard drive, Google Drive, Flickr, iPhoto, and more using a mobile app. Keep your precious memories securely stored in a home cloud storage device and never worry about losing your digital photos.

With a little bit of patience and effort, selling your car yourself can be simple and profitable.

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